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Sofia Hartley | Meu Diário (My Diary)


Sofia Hartley was born in the city of Goiania, Brazil. There, she lived with her family until she was 15 years old. During her adolescence, she discovered a very strong interest for music, which became an essential instrument for her spiritual growth and intimacy with God.


In 2001, Sofia moved to Atlanta, USA along with her family. The transition was very difficult for her, not only because of the distance from the rest of the family and friends, but primarily because of the culture shock. It was also during this time that Sofia was invited to participate in the worship ministry of Living Torch Presbyterian Church in Atlanta, where she led worship until 2010.


Since then, music has been her instrument to communicate God’s love. Confident of her musical calling, in 2008 she joined “Instituto Canzion Atlanta”, a Christian music institute founded by Marcos Witt. There, she studied vocal performance and worship ministry leadership. Because of her strong interest and endearment for different cultures, Sofia also studied Spanish and Latin American Culture at Georgia State University.


As an immigrant, she has lived many moments where her faith was tested; however, it was through these moments that the songs of her first album “My Diary” surged. Her first project expresses her cry before the different situations that she encountered as an immigrant. Each song is a prayer sung, and it reflects the love and faithfulness of God during a time of transition in her life.


Currently, Sofia resides in Atlanta, GA with her husband Richard Hartley, and she leads worship at Brazilian Christian Church in Greater Atlanta.


“My desire is that each person who listens to this CD feels the embrace and love of God. Many times God allows us to experience affliction and pain, but nothing compares to the joy and glory that will be revealed to us. My heart yearns to see lives that are transformed, strengthened and healed; may each song be an instrument in God’s hands for this to happen.”


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